2018 Beverages SAL ***CLOSED TO SALES***
2018 Beverages SAL ***CLOSED TO SALES***
2018 Beverages SAL ***CLOSED TO SALES***
2018 Beverages SAL ***CLOSED TO SALES***
2018 Beverages SAL ***CLOSED TO SALES***

2018 Beverages SAL ***CLOSED TO SALES***

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Welcome to the first SAL of 2018 - Beverages

Please note that the preview picture shown is just to preserve mystery. There will be 12 cups in total, each containing a pattern, but as you can see, not all of the cups have the same outline as shown in the picture. The additional images shown are examples of how the previous KLT SALs turned out.
Edit! I have relented and released pictures of the full stitched version of Beverage 1 - Latte so you have a better idea of how the SAL will go.

Sign ups for this SAL are starting now, and will then keep the following FORTNIGHTLY release schedule:
Beverage 1 release - Wednesday 10th January
Beverage  2 release - Wednesday 24th January
Beverage 3 release - Wednesday 7th February 
Beverage 4 release - Wednesday 21st February
Beverage 5 release - Wednesday 7th March
Beverage 6 release - Wednesday 21st March
Beverage 7 release - Wednesday 4th April
Beverage 8 release - Wednesday 18th April
Beverage 9 release - Wednesday 2nd May
Beverage 10 release - Wednesday 16th May
Beverage 11 release - Wednesday 30th May
Beverage 12 release - Wednesday 13th June

The official finishing date for this SAL is 31st July 2018. Everyone who finishes all 12 Beverages and posts a finish picture in the SAL Facebook group will earn an exclusive chart which will not be available for general release until later in the year.

Each cup will feature a repeated pattern as per previous KLT Charting SALs.
Each Beverage will also feature DMC colours to complete the design. If you choose to purchase the pre-sorted thread pack with the pattern (as shown in the second picture), please note that the thread pack WILL NOT contain threads for the interior of the cup or its pattern. You will need additional threads in your own choice of colours to complete the pattern.

Fabric - If you wish to buy pre-cut fabric for this SAL, please select your choice from the drop down menu. You can choose from either dyed or undyed (white) fabric. If choosing dyed, please ensure you fill in your colour choice in the text box after looking at the colours that KLT Charting offer in the hand dyed fabric section. All fabrics for this SAL will be cut and dyed to order and as such, will be subject to the waiting times shown on the website front page.

Once you have paid for entry to the SAL, you will be able to request membership in the closed facebook group to share in exclusive goodies and competitions. Keep an eye on your email for a link to the group.

Please note, this chart is available in PDF or printed formats, but unlike my other printed charts, the additional costs will be (to cover the additional postage costs as well as the print fees):
£18 - fortnightly post out, or,
£11 - monthly post out, or,
£5 - Sent monthly with KLT Charting club pack (club members only)
The print and post options (fortnightly and monthly) are only available to UK customers.

Entry to this SAL will close at the halfway point - Tuesday 3rd April. No entries will be accepted past this time.

If stitched as charted, this chart is 178 x 244 stitches.

Below you can find a guide as to the size fabric you will need depending on your count preference. All of these measurements allow 3 inches all around the stitched area for finishing/framing.

14 count -  19 x 24 inches
16 count - 17 x 21 inches
18 count -  16 x 20 inches
20 count - 15 x 18 inches
25 count (over 1) - 13 x 16 inches
25 count (over 2) - 20 x 26 inches
28 count (over 1) - 13 x 15 inches
28 count (over 2) - 19 x 24 inches

I think that's just about everything, but do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions.


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