Chart Formats - Accurate as of April 2024

Until the latter part of 2023, ALL of the KLT Charting charts were manually emailed out to customers during normal business hours after purchase, but in the October of 2023, I finally found a way to drag the business into the new technological age and upgraded my website to be able to use immediate digital downloads. However, upgrading over 1000 charts to this new process has been time consuming and is being done gradually.

As of the time of writing this, 463 of the 1197 charts on the website have been converted to digital downloads, and the status of each chart can be found on its listing (see the drop down menu 'chart type'). New charts are released as digital downloads as standard. 

All of KLT Charting charts are released as Pattern Keeper compatible PDF files. If you find an older chart that is not compatible, please contact me via email and I will recode it so that it works in the Pattern Keeper App.

If you use a different app that requires an alternative file format, please contact me. If I have the file format available, it can be manually emailed to you after purchase (during normal business hours) for an addtional fee of £1 per chart. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me,