KLT Birthday Club

Welcome to the KLT Charting Birthday Club! As per our birthdays, this is a YEARLY club (unlike KLT's other clubs which are monthly). You can sign up at any point in the year, and shortly before your birthday, a KLT Charting package will arrive with stitchy goodies for you to open on your special day.

Please complete the option fields to help Kim gauge what sort of things to include in your pack. A chart will most likely be included, and Kim will try and check to make sure you receive a chart you haven't previously purchased. Since it is also likely that hand dyed fabric of some sort will also be included, please note that these packs will be subject to the same waiting times as other orders containing hand dyed fabric (only really of importance if you birthday is coming up soon). Fabric sent could include anything from bookmark sized pieces, to the 6x6" pieces used in the Mini club packs, to regular sized pieces that appear on the website.

You will receive subsequent invoices at the beginning of the same month a year later, as when you signed up. So, if you sign up in August 2017, but your birthday is November 2017, you will receive your birthday pack in November 2017, and a new invoice in August 2018, unless you specify differently.
If you sign up for this club in the same month as your birthday, for example, sign up and your birthday is in August 2017, you will receive your 2018 invoice in July.
You will have one month to pay your invoice. Any birthday club invoices not paid within one month will be cancelled.

You may of course purchase this pack for a stitchy friend or relative's birthday. If this is the case, please complete the options for their birthday and preferences as best as you can, and use the 'shipping address' at the checkout with their details.

Though Kim will do her best to make sure your pack arrives on time, she cannot be held responsible for delays with the postal system, especially with international orders.

Normal postage rates apply, and please note, you may NOT use the 'add to an existing order' option, or ask to have it sent with your monthly club pack.

Privacy Policy
By joining the KLT Charting club, you are agreeing to the website's privacy policy, as outlined HERE


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