Wait times updated 13th October 2022

Update 30th September 2022

It has been a difficult few months, to say the least! After battling through the heat wave and the summer holidays, I suffered a bereavement and just as the children went back to school, covid found my house again! First it got me, and then the whole family. As such, as I am further behind than ever with club packs. But, I am digging my heels in and refusing to reach that dreaded year milestone. The October 2021 club packs and limited edition fabric orders were finished today - the last day of September 2022, but by the time I have my next working day in October, I will be working on November packs, so it's not a year yet! My daughter, who has now started college is helping me two days a week, and with some normality finally returning to our family routine, I hope to make a serious dent in the backlog in the coming months.

Waiting time below, updated.

Updated 1st June 2022

Apologies for not updating this sooner. Covid found my house again - the kids got it again in January, and then I got it in February. My recovery has been far more complicated that I anticipated and have been suffering with exhaustion, muscles aches and head aches. BUT! I think I am coming out the other side now and am back on the road to catching up. 

Updated 17th November 2021

Following a Covid-19 outbreak in my house, I am back to work as fast as I am able to keep catching up.

Please see below regarding waiting times and estimated club pack dispatch times. 

Kim x


While I prefer to keep wait times at KLT Charting at 3-4 working weeks for hand dyed fabrics (excluding items ordered from the In Stock section), 2020 has not been ideal for keeping to this and as such, I have fallen behind with dispatch times.

Here you can find information on current dispatch times to give you an idea on where your order is in the queue, or how long you are likely to be waiting if you would like to place an order, as well as any current stock issues.

I am working as hard as I am able to reduce the waiting times, but please keep in mind that I am a one-woman show with a family and the Covid-19 pandemic and 2020 in general has thrown up many road-blocks. 

Current Waiting Times

Stock Issues

I hope that you have found this information helpful when it comes to knowing when your goods will be delivered, but if you would like an order-specific update, please email KLTcharting@gmail.com. 

Thank you,


KLT Charting